Ferrari 308 GTS
Information Site - Painting a 308 - Halfway there !

I'm currently having my 308 painted to concours standard by Stallion in Nottingham, UK.  Stallion are Ferrari and Maserati bodyshop specialists, and have had my car for 3 weeks now so I thought I'd pop in yesterday (16th Jan 2004 ... coincidentally the car's 24th birthday !) and see how they were getting on.

Progress has been good, they've totally stripped the car (quite scary to see how much stuff has been taken off the car !!) and done the only panel work which needed doing, namely replacing the A panels just behind the front wheels on both sides (common rusting place).  Originally we weren't sure what was lurking under the paint on the door bottoms (another 308 rust area) but when taken back to bare metal the doors were perfect :-)

When I got there they'd just finished the last of the colour coats .... wow !  The paint was still soft, though it had been sprayed a few hours earlier (so no-touchee !)  The quality of the paint straight out of the gun is phenomenal, you could almost leave it like it is (I've seen worse paint jobs on mass produced cars) and this is before they started cutting and flatting back .... gods, I'm so excited now, I cant wait to see the finished product !

The car is going to stay in the baking booth all weekend, then on Monday they have to spray the rear deck and front "bonnet", then do all the satin black work (of which there's rather a large amount on these cars).  Then there's the monster job of refitting .....